Pavilion Of Shifting Paths
Project, 2016

Pavilion of shifting paths is an architecture mapping performance and installation telling the story of the Quanyechang. The unique performance on the evening of 26th September 2016 will use the beautiful northern facade of the building as a projection screen to show moments from the past of the Quanyechang. Special video mapping combined with the captivating soundtrack and live dance will lead the audience back in time. We will witness the dawn of the city, the construction of the building in 1905 and its glorious past as one of Beijing’s biggest department stores. Quanyechang was a place not only for shopping, but also for arts and entertainment. Watching the performance we can thus observe a game of billiards, listen to a storyteller or revisit the old New Heaven theatre to watch an opera. As the projection comes to its end, the live dance performance by the Media X Performance studio, interacting with the video mapping, will move inside the building. A short live music act by Reto Gnad and dance performance in the beautiful spaces of Quanyechang will mark the finale of the opening ceremony. It will also serve to lead the visitors towards the sound and video installation inside the building, which will be on display for one month starting on 27 September 2016.

The installation will offer to the visitors a unique personal experience of the history of Quanyechang. It will make use of special speakers to create an intimate listening experience: visitors are invited to walk around, listen to the fragmentary memories of the past of the Quanyechang and at the same time admire the beautiful architecture of the building.

Pavilion of shifting paths is thus an art project that weaves history into present-day reality and lets the reality illuminate the history.

The creator and artistic director of the project is Beijing-born artist Echo Ho, now living in Cologne. She has brought together the following team of internationally acclaimed artists and designers in order to realise this project:
Project Conceptualisation and Direction: Echo Ho
Sound Design & Generative Sound Art: Hannes Hoelzl
Installation & Interactive Media: Zhipeng Liang
Song Composition: Yoonji Kim
Electronic Composition and live electronics: Reto Gnad
Instruments: Holger Mertin, Xueyan Li
Recording & Mixing: Judith Nordbrock
3D artists: Alexander Partl, Nikolas Müller, Maurits Boettger
2D artist: Jie Lu (Studio Drei)
Generative Video Art: Matthias Neuenhofer
Video Compositing & Motion Graphics: Igor Shin Moromisato
Painting, Drawing, Graphics and Video Editing: Pengyu Huang, Ping Lu
Dance performance: Media X Performance studio: Director: Jiaming Wang, Choreographer: Man Wei, Dancers: Man Wei, Zhen Cui, Jie Chen, Ying Li, Pengfei Ji
Translation from Chinese to English: Debra Zhou
English & Chinese Voiceover: Joanne Moar, Echo Ho, Shihao Xue, Xiaxin Lin
Production Coordinator in China: Xiaoshan He
Press texts: Magdaléna Kobzová
Organizer: Beijing Dashilar-Yongxing Real Estate Co., Ltd.